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Bindu series

My current work explores various forms found in the Natural world and organic geometry. The symbol of the ‘Dot/ Bindu ’ has many meanings, which fascinate me and inspire exploration…it represents the smallest possible mark, pure potentiality and the starting point from which all things arise. The choice of gently bellied forms directly relate to the surface pattern.  


When making the ‘ Bindu ’ series, my aim is to create forms that evoke a visual, tactile and emotional response through the choice of form and the use of colour and pattern. I use under glazes because I love the seemingly soft texture they create and when I combine that velvet background with pattern in contrasting, colours, the end results pulsate.


I use a combination of hand building and throwing techniques to build the large bellied forms and spend a lot of time refining the surface using various tools until I am satisfied with the finished quality. After the first firing, I then sand the surface, wash it well and then commence the decorative process. Layers of diluted under glazes are applied to build a vibrant background for the next phase of hand painted pattern, which can take days to complete.  


I work with two different clays, a smooth stoneware clay and Ming porcelain, depending on the scale of the intended piece. I tend to use the smooth stoneware clay for the ‘Bindu’ forms and the Ming Porcelain for the ‘Vortex’ vessels. These particular clays suit my making techniques and provide the canvas I need for my decorative techniques


I tend to work in series, not just to create variations on a theme but as an ongoing search for resolution to an original idea. This approach allows for new directions and solutions to evolve in the development of forms and surface decoration. The final firing process is still nerve-wracking as each piece represents hours of intense but enjoyable concentration, so it is hugely satisfying when the results are good.

Sizes range from 15cm diameter up to 60cm

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